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Safety as a cornerstone

The health and safety of our guests and staff has always been our number one priority. While we recognize that there are always going to be risks in the places we operate and the activities we do, our goal is for everyone joining us at CMH to return home healthy and safe. This value is applied to every aspect of our business, while still upholding the quality and uniqueness of the CMH experience.  

Leading the industry

We are in constant contact with leading experts on all three fronts of mountain safety, helicopter safety and health. We pride ourselves on a stellar health and safety record throughout our five decades of operation.

Every person plays a part

Every person plays a part in this effort, from over 50 years of refined protocols being carried out by a hand-selected roster of accredited mountain guides and specialized helicopter pilots; to our hospitality team’s stringent sanitation practices, which every staff member adheres to. We, both staff and guests, must share the responsibility and be diligent with all aspects of health and safety, when you arrive at our lodges be healthy and fit, when you’re out in the field listen to your guides and helicopter pilots. It’s a team effort and record that we’re proud to maintain. 

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Here to guide you every step of the way

The entire CMH team (guides, pilots, engineers, hospitality, transportation) are professionals committed to not only keeping our guests safe in the mountains and our lodges, but also to helping our guests to have the perfect vacation with the understanding that everyone’s needs are different. 

Our Guides

Our team of experienced guides are passionate about the wilderness and sharing it with others in a safe, supportive environment. 

Every CMH guide is highly-qualified and certified by either the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or international equivalent, and hold qualifications as either a Mountain Guide, Hiking Guide or Apprentice Hiking Guide.  Each is trained in: 

  • Backcountry safety 

  • Weather analysis   

  • Emergency first aid   

  • Wildlife management 

  • Interpretative-hiking   

In addition to their certified expertise, our guides have diverse backgrounds and engaging personalities with a contagious sense of adventure and a flair for storytelling. You’ll learn all about local ecosystems, geology, flora and fauna as you explore the mountains together. Great times are guaranteed!

Helicopters & Pilots

Alpine Helicopters manages a preeminent helicopter service with a fleet of 32 Bell helicopters, an aerotech department that services Bell helicopters from all over the world with a reputation for excellence.

The helicopters that support CMH are flown by experienced mountain pilots and are maintained by a dedicated onsite helicopter engineer. Our partnership with a recognized leader in the helicopter industry allows our guests to enjoy the exciting capabilities of the helicopter with the peace of mind that their helicopter is flown by a skilled, seasoned pilot and backed by a helicopter company that is respected worldwide for safety, reliability, maintenance and unsurpassed quality.

Your helicopter experience is never hurried or urgent like in the movies. Just like a coach ride or a cruise, it’s designed to be enjoyed not rushed.

Expert Medical Team

We work with a medical physician who advises us on all our medical and emergency protocols and procedures, and the medical supplies and equipment that we stock for our entire operation. Our medical advisor also assists us when dealing with medical problems or injuries (guests or staff), and conducts our annual training with all CMH guides on current first aid and mountain rescue best practices. We also consult the latest information and tools from the world’s leading health experts and government authorities on the best health and hygiene practices for all aspects of our business.

Health & Wellness

If you are feeling unwell, whether it’s a cold or flu, please stay home! Should you become ill while at a lodge, we will assess the situation with our medial team and determine the best approach to care for you and all others in the lodge. You will not be permitted to join activities until you are cleared to do so.  

 The World Health Organization recommends the following methods to help keep you and those around you healthy. They include:   

  • Frequent hand washing 

  • Avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands 

  • Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of your elbow and then washing your hands 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces every day or multiple times a day 

No detail is too small

From the coach to the heli, the lodge and everything in-between, we go to great lengths to think of every aspect of the CMH experience when it comes to diligence in cleanliness and sanitation. 


Learn what will be required on your summer stay with us. 

We're all in this together

Health and safety, we believe, is a shared responsibility and ask everyone (guests and staff) to be diligent in following our guidelines. We are all in this together and everyone has their part in ensuring the best experience possible. 

For more information on the specific ways we are maintaining high standards of hygiene, and mitigating risk due to the COVID-19 global pandemic please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.