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Safe & Sound Above All

CMH prides itself on a stellar safety record over five decades of operation. The safety of our guests is paramount, ensured by our hand-selected roster of accredited mountain guides and specialized helicopter pilots.

Our Guides

Certified Adventure Experts

Our team of experienced guides are passionate about the wilderness and sharing it with others in a safe, supportive environment.  

Every CMH guide is highly-qualified and certified by either the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or international equivalent, and hold qualifications as either a Mountain Guide, Hiking Guide or Apprentice Hiking Guide. 

Each is trained in: 

  • Backcountry safety 

  • Weather analysis 

  • Emergency first aid 

  • Wildlife management 

  • Interpretative-hiking 

In addition to their certified expertise, our guides have diverse backgrounds and engaging personalities with a contagious sense of adventure and a flair for storytelling. You’ll learn all about local ecosystems, geology, flora and fauna as you explore the mountains together. Great times are guaranteed!

Every Day is Expertly Planned

No two CMH summer adventures are alike. Thanks to our professional guides, each guest can experience the alpine paradise of British Columbia in the way that suits them best. Our guides meet every morning and evening to create a plan for each guest with the goal of giving everyone their ideal experience – be it exciting via ferrata and glacier treks, casual photo sessions in wildflower fields, short hikes through fantasy-like scenery or any combination of each.

Your guides will be equally skilled at helping a couple in their 90s take a dreamy stroll along an easy ridge overlooking an alpine wonderland, leading a team of adventurers safely across a glacier, or showing a family with young children how to have the most fun in the wilderness.

Our Helicopters

Masters of the Skies

We use helicopters to access the most pristine parts of the Columbia Mountains for one simple reason: there are no roads. Helicopter access might start as a logistical necessity for visiting breathtaking remote terrain, but for most of our guests, each flight quickly becomes a highlight in its own right. Your helicopter experience is never hurried or urgent like in the movies. Just like a coach ride or a cruise, it’s designed to be enjoyed not rushed.

Partners in Safety

Alpine Helicopters manages a world-class helicopter service with a fleet of 32 Bell helicopters, an aerotech department that services Bell helicopters from all over the world and a reputation for excellence.

The helicopters that support CMH are flown by experienced mountain pilots and are maintained by a dedicated onsite helicopter engineer. Our partnership with a recognized leader in the helicopter industry allows our guests to enjoy the exciting capabilities of the helicopter with the peace of mind that their heli is:

  • Flown by a skilled, seasoned pilot

  • Maintained by a well-trained engineer whose sole job is to take care of the helicopter

  • Backed by a helicopter company that is respected worldwide for safety, reliability, maintenance and unsurpassed quality

Flight Plans

While we fly past incredible scenery, we are not a flightseeing operation. We use the helicopters to get into the best part of the mountains safely and efficiently. They fly us in, leave us for an intimate experience in the natural world then return to fly us back to the lodge for the best in high-country hospitality.