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Robin O'Neill
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Meet the Team

At CMH, we can’t say enough good things about our guides. All of our guides have attained professional certification from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), a rigorous, internationally recognized training process that requires hundreds of days in the mountains and a resume of serious backcountry achievement just for admission—and between five and ten years to complete. They have attained expertise in navigation, rescue, first aid, safety and sustainability through continuous professional development. The courses they complete and the exams they pass place them at the pinnacle of the mountain professions.

Dani Lowenstein Bugaboos Area Manager

“It's not really possible to describe the Bugaboo Spires, but it's the kind of view that never ever, ever, ever, ever gets old. You never take it for granted.”

A South African by birth, Dani Lowenstein started skiing on the mean slopes of Uplands, Ontario and learned to climb at Joe Rockheads, a legendary indoor gym in Toronto. He picked the self-drive path to guiding, setting up shop in Golden, BC in 1999 to immerse himself in the Rockies and the Selkirks learning through a succession of courses, exams, traverses and global climbing trips with his now wife. Flash forward and his first guiding posting for CMH was, fatefully, in the Bugaboos. Thirteen years of work and mentorship later the Bugaboos and that million-photo-view became his area manager home turf.

Tanya Steen Bugaboos Lodge Manager

“Everyone in life has had this path that has led them to CMH and it's just so interesting to hear their stories about what led them here and what they bring to the experience.”

A Kiwi who was born in Madagascar, Tanya Steen came to Banff and CMH through her world-traveling work in in the hospitality industry. From a start behind the bar at CMH Gothics she was drawn in by the rhythm of the seasonal lifestyle and eventually migrated to our dramatic Bugaboos Lodge, a place unique in the world due to its beauty, energy and role as the birthplace of our organization. As lodge manager, she appreciates the socially interactive, even-playing-field aspect of the atmosphere but also enjoys watching guests feel the transformative, cathartic and healing energy of a visit to the Bugs.

Carl Trescher Bobbie Burns Area Manager

“It's just an incredible spot. It's one of the few spots where you can still have access to untouched wilderness and you get to share that with people. To me that's just a rare commodity these days.”

Growing up on a cattle ranch at the base of Bugaboo Creek Road put Carl Trescher on a path early in life. With our founders—Hans and Leo—friends of the family he saw that a career in the mountains was possible. After University he trained his focus on guiding and eventually earned his stripes at the Bobbie Burns, a gig that became a 23-consecutive-year-run at the end of the 53-kilometer road. His summer guiding claim to fame is luring Rick Mercer to the Mt. Nimbus via ferrata, which landed the Bobbie Burns on the Canadian summer bucket list. His life is so linked with the peaks, his interests rarely have a reason to stray beyond them.

Craig McIvor Bobbie Burns Lodge Manager

“We take care of the staff and the staff take care of the guests—everything is organic and natural. There is nothing fake about it, it's just people sharing their passion. It just goes a long way, especially in the summer when guests are only there for three days and they don’t know what to expect.”

Craig McIvor schooled and trained in the mountain hospitality industry, but when he discovered CMH—ten years ago—he knew it was the place for him. His lodge tour has taken him from the Adamants to the Bugaboos to the Bobbie Burns—where he has spent seven years and now holds the helm as our lodge manager. McIvor believes in a natural, organic philosophy of service, where competent, strong staff members share their passion in a real way with guests. He strives to create a comfortable, unpretentious dynamic that creates a level playing field, lasting friendships and a childlike, no worries atmosphere.

John Mellis Cariboos Area Manager

“It's been a lifetime of mountains and CMH and the Cariboos has been the major player for me.”

His destiny was always mountains but by the time he left home for Lake Louise at age 17 Johnny Mellis was already in deep. After a pro ski career for the likes of RAP Films, he passed his first guide’s exam at 28 and landed at CMH Cariboos—a protégé of legendary area manager Ernst Buhler. After 11 years as his right-hand man in the northern range, Mellis took the helm and hasn’t looked back for 14 years. Mellis lives for a good evening jam session, especially around a lakeside bonfire. In the rainy season he heads for Costa Rica where he can strum a few tunes and catch a few waves.

Erin Teuinissen Cariboo Lodge Manager

“There are a lot of things I like about my job working in the Cariboos. But seeing people come to the lodge and go out in the mountains for the first time and have transformative encounters is very rewarding.”

With a Bow Valley background, Erin Teuinissen followed a path from Sunshine Village to the wilderness lodges of CMH—spending her first company winter bartending at the Bobbie Burns. Fifteen years later she runs an elevated, efficient house at our Cariboos Lodge—a remote location she has made feel like home for thousands of guests. She takes pride in the family-style hospitality her team provides— from interacting on a first-name-knowing basis to culinary flexibility for special dietary needs. But seeing guests have transformative mountain experiences is her favorite aspect of her life’s work in the Cariboos.