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COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

The following requirements apply to all guests and staff while travelling with CMH – on our coaches and helicopters, in our lodges, and while out hiking. Please read everything on this page carefully. 

Our protocols have been reviewed by medical experts and align with British Columbia’s provincial regulations. As these health and safety regulations evolve, so will our protocols. 

Before You Travel to CMH

All guests and staff members must review and agree to our Health & Hygiene Commitment prior to arrival – the commitment will be sent to you by email 14 days prior to your trip. If you are ill, please stay home! 

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Four fundamentals to follow

There are four overarching protocols everyone is expected to follow while travelling and staying with CMH: 

Mask zones

Masks are mandatory while travelling on the coach, around and on the helicopter, and while indoors. Masks may be removed while hiking, or while seated indoors to actively eat or drink. CMH will provide a surgical-grade mask or a custom-made Outdoor Research mask. 

Your Cohort & Physical Distancing

Especially when indoors, stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from anyone who is not in your cohort. We recommend doing everything you can to keep your cohort small: it should only be the family or friends you’ve travelled to CMH with.   

While at CMH, your “cohort” is anyone with whom you’ve had close contact. Close contact means you've spent time with someone within 2 metres, without wearing a mask.    

Why does this matter? Because in the event someone in your cohort displays key symptoms of COVID-19, you may be required to isolate. 

Increased Personal Hygiene 

Remain dedicated to washing your hands often with soap and water. Avoid touching your face. When hand washing is not possible, please use the hand sanitizer provided. 

Daily self-health check 

All guests and staff must do a self-health check before exiting their rooms each morning. A complete checklist of questions will be posted in your room to ensure you are feeling healthy and not displaying COVID symptoms. What if someone gets sick? 


We follow British Columbia’s COVID-19 protocols and procedures. Learn more 

Upon arrival at the lodge, you will find signage and further instructions to help guide you during your stay.  

What if someone gets sick? 

A team of medical advisors has helped us create a detailed plan to follow should someone at the lodge display symptoms of COVID-19. 

All staff and guests will perform a daily self-health check in their rooms before exiting each morning, using a checklist provided. Anyone who notices they are displaying COVID-19 symptoms must stay in their room, and alert staff via a dedicated email and/or door signage provided. CMH Lodge Management will then work with the individual(s) and our medical advisors to determine next steps. Anyone from the individual’s immediate travel cohort, or who has had close contact* with them, may be required to stay in their room(s) until next steps are determined. 

If testing is required, the individual(s) displaying symptoms will be flown via helicopter to a staging area, and then driven to a medical facility for testing. The individual(s) will be required to isolate in a nearby hotel while awaiting test results. Back at the lodge, anyone from their immediate travel cohort, or who has had close contact* with them, may be required to isolate in their rooms until test results are returned.

* "Close contact" is (but not limited to) anyone who has spent time within 2 metres of a probable COVID-19 case for more than 15 minutes in an enclosed space, not wearing a medical mask.

If a COVID-19 positive test result is returned, we will follow the direction of British Columbia’s health officers. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team. 

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