Last reviewed: July 17, 2020

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To our loyal Summer Adventure Guests, 

Given current global travel restrictions, namely those impacting the US-Canadian border, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our summer 2020 season.  

The impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions will result in a majority of our booked guests being unable to travel to our lodges, and while this situation may change and travel restrictions could lift in the coming months, we must make a decision now to fairly notify our guests and staff. 

While this is a hard call to make, it’s the right one to ensure all those affected by these cancellations are informed with enough notice to make other arrangements. This includes helping our guests move existing bookings to different dates that work for them and to provide our staff the opportunity to find other work for the summer. 

If you have an existing booking for a 2020 Summer Adventure, please reach out to our team to discuss your options – we're here to work with you. 

If you are interested in booking a 2021 CMH Summer Adventure, please explore further on our website.

Your support, patience and your willingness to stick with us through these trying times is very much appreciated. We know that you share our love of the mountains and we are committed to ensuring summer 2021 is better than ever delivering the signature CMH experience that we always have for over half a century. 

Thank you, 

Your CMH Team 

Safety As A Cornerstone

The Health & Safety of our guests and staff has always been our number one priority. While we recognize that there are always going to be risks in the places we operate and the activities we do, our goal is for everyone joining us at CMH to return home healthy and safe. This value is applied to every aspect of our business, while still upholding the quality and uniqueness of the CMH experience. 

Staying Informed

We continue to monitor the latest information, protocols, and tools from the world’s leading health experts and government authorities – including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – to maximize our efforts in all that we do. 

This way, when you decide to travel with CMH, you can feel confident in your choice. 


As the world adapts and evolves in response to COVID-19, so will some of the aspects of your CMH trip. This summer there will be changes that we will ask of everyone, both in the lodge and in the field, with a view towards keeping all of us healthy and safe during this world health crisis.   

As the global health crisis and recovery evolves, the policies and initiatives listed below may change. What will not change, is the same level of training excellence you’ve come to expect from CMH.  

“We clean, clean things” is a company-wide mantra we have always used. It's the standard to which we hold ourselves, and it means we maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation throughout all facets of CMH.

Preferring to err on the side of caution and be over-thorough than relaxed when it comes to hygiene and COVID-19, we have developed even more stringent sanitation protocols in the following areas: 

  • Detailed set of daily cleaning and sterilization protocols for:

    • High touch surfaces 

    • Helicopters

    • Transport vehicles 

    • Public washrooms 

    • Staff quarters 

  • All rooms and common areas will be sanitized before each trip  

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all common areas 

  • We are currently researching the best and safest methods of cleaning hiking and via ferrata equipment.

We will make every attempt possible to allow for physical distancing and in the rare occurrence when that is not possible, we will provide you a mask and/or other protective equipment.  

  • All guests and staff may be required to wear a mask when travelling in helicopters and on the coaches to and from the lodges  

  • In both the lodge and in the field, when not in the company of your family unit, please try to remain 2m (6ft) apart  

  • All areas of our lodges will have furniture arranged appropriately and policies posted regarding room capacity, seating arrangements, etc.  

  • On the via ferratas, personal eyewear and ferrata gloves should be worn at all times  (Black Diamond Crag gloves are sold at cost (CAD$15.50 + tax) in the lodge retail shop) 

  • We will provide additional details on CMH’s via ferrata COVID-19 protocols prior to heading out in the field for the day 

We have always had a thorough protocol for the care and containment of any guest or staff who falls ill while at CMH, and we will continue to closely monitor the health of all of those at the lodge on a daily basis. This could include:  

  • Daily staff health self-assessments before entering any common space and/or commencing work  

  • Daily guest health self-assessments before entering any common space or CMH program 

  • Anyone that is visibly unwell at any point in your trip, will not be permitted to join activities until cleared to do so


These are just some of the ways we’re providing you with additional peace of mind regarding booking a CMH Summer Adventure. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to our team and talk to us.

Please continue to check back here for details or sign-up for our newsletters and connect with us on our social channels.

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