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About CMH

CMH is a global leader in heli-access wilderness adventures and mountain hospitality.

Founded in 1959 by legendary guide Hans Gmoser, CMH provides transformative experiences for alpine enthusiasts, delivering trips of a lifetime year after year. We invented heli-hiking over 40 years ago, and since then we’ve become renowned as one of the top hiking tour companies in the world. With exclusive access to stunning, remote terrain plus the pinnacle of operational safety and new heights in hospitality, every aspect of CMH is above, beyond and extraordinary.

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Safely leading the way for 50+ years

CMH is among most experienced adventure tour operators anywhere, showcasing industry-leading safety and helicopter practices.

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Our responsibility

Climate, wildlife, community

We understand and appreciate how privileged we are to operate in the remote mountain locations that we call home.

We also recognize our responsibility to care for these special places.

Our Responsibility - A candid review

A candid review

Read this honest look at what we’re doing to address our three main areas of focus: climate and energy, wildlife and habitat, community. 

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Map showing routes from Calgary to trip locations at Cariboos, Bugaboos, and Bobbie Burns

Our backyard is out of this world

More than 3 million acres of paradise in Western Canada’s Columbia Mountains. That’s roughly one-third the size of Switzerland. It’s also CMH’s operational area – a vast ocean of untamed wilderness that plays host to near-endless adventures just west of the Canadian Rockies.

CMH Summer gives you rare heli-access to three distinct mountain areas: Cariboos, Bugaboos and Bobbie Burns. Each area features uniquely captivating geography crowned by a remote lodge offering the height of timberline comfort and hospitality. Choose your summer getaway at any of these exceptional destinations or double the adventure with a Bugaboos to Bobbie Burns lodge-to-lodge experience.