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Howser spires on a clear summer day

Biomimicry Workshop with Jamie Miller

July 2 - 5, 2022 at CMH Bugaboos

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Biomimicry Workshop with Jamie Miller

Bi·o·mim·ic·ry (noun): Using the existing models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. 

Journey to the iconic landscape of CMH Bugaboos for this unique opportunity to explore a new perspective of the natural world. Each day, you will fly into the best classroom on Earth for discussions from TEDx speaker Jamie Miller on how biomimicry can work for you. You will discover different ways of thinking and problem solving through understanding nature’s design secrets. Between topics, you’ll hike through this famed landscape, before returning to the comfort of the remote Bugaboo Lodge to dine and relax each evening. 


The Biomimicry workshop is held at the Bugaboos in July 2022




Estimated total
$1,297 per night
Price based on double-occupancy. Includes lodging, daily heli access, meals & transportation.

Talk to our planning experts 1-800-661-0252


6:45 am
Depart Banff to helipad
9:30 am
Arrive at helipad for heli-transfer to CMH Bugaboos Lodge
10:30-11 am
Upon arrival, you’ll get acquainted with the lodge
11:30 am
1 pm
After a helicopter safety briefing, enjoy your first afternoon of exploration and discussion from Jamie Miller.
4-5 pm
Return back to the lodge where you can enjoy après-adventure refreshments, a soak in the hot tub or a massage
7 pm
Enjoy your first CMH gourmet family-style dinner – staff will join you for the meal each evening

Days 2 & 3

7:30 am
Wake up with a dynamic warm-up class
8 am
Fuel up with a hearty breakfast to start your day right. Pack your lunch for the day and get ready for your day of adventure.
9 am
The first group will fly into the mountains. You will venture out to remote viewpoints with Jamie Miller and guides.
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12 pm
Lunch in the field
4-6 pm
Return to the lodge, where you can enjoy après-adventure refreshments, a soak in the hot tub or a massage and additional conversation with Jamie.
7 pm
Swap stories of your incredible adventures in the mountains as you savour a family-style dinner with your guides and lodge staff.


8:00 am
Enjoy a hearty lodge breakfast before departing the lodge with your final heli-transfer
10:45 am
Private coach transfer from helipad to Banff, Lake Louise and Calgary International Airport
1 pm
Estimated arrival time in Banff
3:30 pm
Anticipated arrival at Calgary International Airport (YYC). We recommend guests do not book flights until after 6pm MT. *Please note: Hiking schedule and lunch times may vary

Extend Your Stay

Arrive early or leave later by extending your CMH stay with additional adventures in Banff and surrounding area. Our CMH Vacation Planning team can help you with the details.

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What CMH provides for each trip


A double occupancy room in the hotel-style CMH Bugaboo Lodge for the duration of your stay, featuring a full range of inviting onsite amenities.

Food & Beverage

Three meals per day – a chef-prepared breakfast and dinner plus packed lunches, après-hiking snacks and non-premium non-alcoholic refreshments.

Heli-Assisted Guided Adventure

Professionally accredited guides will accompany you on your adventure, featuring heli flights up and down the mountains plus return flights to your lodge.

Daily Talks & Discussions

Immerse yourself in discussions out in the field that will both intrigue and inspire you to think differently and challenge existing perceptions.

Ground Transportation

From Banff, Lake Louise or Golden to the CMH Bugaboos helipad, and return to Golden, Lake Louise, Banff or the Calgary International Airport (YYC).


Use of CMH hiking equipment, including boots, rain jackets, wind pants, day packs and hiking poles. Some of our guests opt to use their own equipment – the choice is yours.  

What to pack

A Classic CMH Icon

Welcome to your historical headquarters in the famed Bugaboos. Perched at 1,490m (4,888 ft), our 32-room log-hewn lodge at the base of Bugaboo Glacier is enshrined as the birthplace of the heli-skiing industry. With mind-blowing scenery that’s captivated mountaineers for over a century, history abounds here – and so do modern comforts. 

Inspired cuisine, deluxe accommodations, full-service amenities and one of the best hot tub views on the planet make Bugaboo Lodge the perfect alpine escape. Soar into an incredible summer adventure at CMH Bugaboo Lodge.

Take a virtual tour of Bugaboo Lodge

CMH Bugaboo Lodge living room

Additional details

Single supplement is available by request on a space-available basis, depending on the lodge and the number of nights in your stay. As a solo traveller you may book on a twin-share basis, and we will attempt to match you with a same-gender roommate. If we are unable to do so, you will not be charged for the upgrade to single occupancy

Non-smoking rooms  | No pets please |  Complimentary laundry facilities 

All prices are $CAD ($USD prices shown are based on currency rates available from and are subject to change).

Group travel options 

Book an entire lodge or bring your group and mingle with other guests. Plan a corporate retreat, a family reunion or a special celebration, and let us help customize the details. Learn more ›

There are a number of ways to travel to our lodges: you can ride in one of the private CMH coaches (from designated pick-up/drop-off locations) or drive yourself to the helipad. We also offer additional transport options if you’re looking for something more specialized – call us for details. 

Please note that a Parks Canada pass is required to park in Banff or drive to our helipads. If you’re self-driving and require a pass, you can avoid lineups at the park gate by buying a pass online.

Arrival/departure information Self-driving directions (via Banff) CMH Area Map Purchase a Parks Canada Pass

Custom Travel Options

Customize your travel details by contacting us


Getting here image
Travel Bus Icon

Banff - Bugaboos Helipad

173km / 107.4 mi (2 hrs)

Our private coach from Banff takes you along the spectacularly scenic Trans-Canada Highway then winds along a corridor lined with Rocky Mountains and epic forests toward Golden, BC.  From there, we'll travel southwest until arriving at the Bugaboos helipad.

Travel Heli Icon

Bugaboos Helipad - CMH Bugaboo Lodge

10 mins

It’s time to lift off on your first CMH heli flight. After watching a safety video, you’ll disembark your coach for your short, scenic flight up to the fabled Bugaboo Lodge.

What's the weather like?

Due to the high mountain environment, expect to experience various conditions. The weather can be sunny and warm, but be prepared for cooler temperatures, rain, wind and possibly snow.

Mountain weather can change with very little warning. Temperatures range from highs of 10˚C to 35˚C (50˚F-95˚F) and lows of 9˚C to -3˚C (48˚F to 26˚F).

I'm not a hiker - will I be able to keep up with the group?

Whether it’s a hike, walk or amble, each heli-hiking day is tailored to all levels of fitness, experience and age. We split the group as necessary so everyone can stay within their comfort level. The only requirement is a thirst for adventure.

I'm an avid hiker - will I be challenged?

Absolutely! Our guides share a passion for exploring all the Columbia Mountains have to offer. If you’re seeking a challenge, they’ll deliver a great workout.

Are all of your guides certified?

Yes. Most CMH guides have made a lifelong career out of their passion. They are dedicated professionals trained in the European guiding tradition, which emphasizes both respect for the mountains and a deep concern for the well-being of every guest. Our guides are fully trained and re-trained regularly in first aid, wilderness rescue, emergency procedure and prevention. Many of our guides are fully certified by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) – a ten-year process on average. The rest of our guides are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), also to rigorous standards. Every guide is an experienced, knowledgeable interpreter of our mountains’ flora, fauna, geology and natural history, ensuring that your heli-hiking experience is both safe and enriching.

What happens when nature calls and we’re on the trail?

We hike and explore remote areas where there are no conventional washrooms. Mother Nature provides trees and rocks for privacy. We recommend bringing toilet paper and a ziplock bag. Paper used in the field can be disposed of back at the lodge.

Are gratuities included?

The CMH team is committed to ensuring that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime. While gratuities are not included in your trip fees – nor are they mandatory – they may be offered on a voluntary basis. Gratuities are divided among all of the lodge staff and your pilot.

How do I arrange a private group booking?

Private bookings are a great way to share the magic of a summer heli-hiking adventure with a group. Call our planning experts to arrange the details of all-to-yourself bookings for privately guided trips.

How much will I get to hike on this trip?

Weather permitting, all topic discussions will be held in the field. Each morning, you will board the heli in your exclusive workshop group and land within the stunning remote landscape for each lesson. 

Is there any recommended reading I can do before this trip?

If you are looking for reading before joining us (not mandatory), we recommend the following books.  

  • A Shark’s Paintbrush by Jay Harman 

  • Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine Benyus 

  • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer 

Will we encounter wildlife?

In all of our trips, we strive to avoid any contact with wildlife. However, our guides are trained in safely dealing with wildlife encounters, should one occur.

How many helicopter trips will I have to take?

In addition to your heli trips to and from the lodge, each day offers the chance to heli to new adventures – with unprecedented access. On average, you can expect two or three helicopter trips per day, depending on your preference and weather conditions.

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Your Trip Highlights

Each morning, from the comfort of the Bugaboo Lodge, you’ll fly to different locations with your guide to immerse yourself in the beauty of these iconic mountains. It’s here where Jamie Miller will hold daily engaging discussions on biomimicry topics before you collectively explore and hike through this incredible landscape. At the end of each day, you’ll return to the lodge to relax and enjoy a gourmet dinner with your group.

Howser spires on a clear summer day


Pricing & Dates

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Howser spires on a clear summer day



The Biomimicry workshop is held at the Bugaboos in July




Estimated total
$1,297 per night
Incl. lodging, daily heli access, meals & transportation.

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Discussion Topics

Session 1: Distractions

Activity 1: Waking up

- For our first adventure, you will learn the power that distractions hold over your experience with nature, your life, and your creative potential.  - Being present to what is around you is the first and most important step to biomimicry. 

Activity 2: Seeing the potential

-          Now that you see the world differently, you will learn about the many ways others have used biomimicry to create groundbreaking ideas and the ways it can inspire new solutions to some of your biggest personal and professional challenges. 

Session 2: Listening

Activity 1: Nature as teacher

-          Against the backdrop of another incredible outdoor setting, you will learn how to access nature's genius by listening in a completely new way - one that will transform your experience of the outdoors.

Activity 2: Your new toolkit

-          In the afternoon, we will explore a new site and practice using the same tools that have led to billion-dollar, biomimetic ideas - tools that will teach you how to abstract ideas from nature.

Activity 3: Transformation

-          Finally, we will take a look at the bigger picture and unlock the secrets for how ecosystems can teach us to safely evolve our businesses, our societies, and ourselves.  

Session 3: Courage

Activity 1: Reciprocity

-          In a unique morning routine, you will forge a deeper connection to your environment and the people within it by learning how reciprocity can translate into your next success. 

Activity 2: Your Future Self 

-          In a daring adventure, you’ll find out what drives you, what you're a "natural" at and what you are truly capable of. Learn your edges, find your potential, and apply biomimicry to get the most out of your life.