Biomimicry Workshop with Jamie Miller

Biomimicry Workshop

With Jamie Miller

Biomimicry Workshop with Jamie Miller

Biomimicry workshop with Jamie Miller

Journey to the iconic landscape of CMH Bugaboos for this unique opportunity to explore a new perspective of the natural world. Each day, you will fly into the best classroom on Earth for discussions from TEDx speaker Jamie Miller on how biomimicry can work for you. You will discover different ways of thinking and problem solving through understanding nature’s design secrets. Between topics, you’ll hike through this famed landscape, before returning to the comfort of the remote Bugaboo Lodge to dine and relax each evening.

Trip Dates:

Trip not offered in Summer 2023. 

Activity level:

All levels - beginner to advanced 

Watch: Explore Bugaboos 

Your Trip Highlights

Each morning, from the comfort of the Bugaboo Lodge, you’ll fly to different locations with your guide to immerse yourself in the beauty of these iconic mountains. It’s here where Jamie Miller will hold daily engaging discussions on biomimicry topics before you collectively explore and hike through this incredible landscape. At the end of each day, you’ll return to the lodge to relax and enjoy a gourmet dinner with your group. 

Meet your instructor, Jamie Miller

Photo of Jaimie Miller

Jamie is a TEDx speaker, outdoor enthusiast and innovator of bold sustainable ideas. He is the founder of Biomimicry Frontiers - a design consultancy in Canada that draws creativity and innovation from the natural world. Jamie has been building biomimicry through his consulting, lectures, high-end excursions and workshops since 2007. When he’s not in the field, he’s presenting at events such as the Eco Summit and the Institute for Sustainable Labs. 

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