Flight disruptions

If your flight has been cancelled, delayed, or missed for any reason, please call our Transportation team at 403-762-7809. If we are unavailable by phone, please email cmhtransportation@cmhheli.com and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Continue and make new travel plans if possible. Inform us of your new plans so we can work with you to arrange special transportation if needed. For example, if the CMH coach has already departed for the lodge when your rescheduled flight is set to arrive, we will work with you to find alternate transportation to the lodge. 

Please note that all costs associated with additional transportation are the guest’s responsibility. 

We encourage you to keep all receipts and to track the costs associated with additional transportation so you can submit the information to your trip insurance and try to recover those costs. 

Lost or delayed baggage

If your baggage doesn’t show up when your flight lands, please immediately contact your airline. For privacy reasons, CMH is unable to do so on your behalf. However, if you include us in your communication with the airline, we’ll be better able to connect you with your bags as quickly as possible when they arrive. You can list the CMH transportation phone number as an additional point of contact: 403-762-7809.

Missing gear?
The lodge has a selection of hiking boots, hiking poles, backpacks, outerwear and sunscreen for your use (no additional cost), and the retail shop is stocked with outerwear and accessories for purchase.